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During summers in Lauderhill, a working AC system is a necessity. When your air conditioner stops blowing cold, we have certified techs who can help diagnose and fix the problem. Our air conditioning services will keep your car cool and comfortable, no matter where your summer travels take you. Your vehicle’s air conditioning system consists of the following major parts, which all work together to move a liquid called refrigerant through a high-pressure/low-pressure closed loop system:

Compressor – The compressor compresses the vapor refrigerant, putting it under high pressure and sending it to the condenser.

Condenser – The condenser sits right in front of the radiator. It takes the high-pressure refrigerant from the compressor and removes heat from it, cooling it down into a liquid.

Receiver – The receiver holds the refrigerant while it waits to move into the evaporator. It also filters the refrigerant to remove any moisture.

Evaporator – The cold refrigerant from the receiver moves through a valve into the evaporator. The hot air from the cabin blows past the evaporator core, where the refrigerant absorbs the heat. This allows cold air to flow back into the cabin. The refrigerant then turns back into a gas and flows back to the compressor to repeat the cycle

How do I know if my vehicle needs an air conditioning service?

To keep your vehicle cool, your car’s air conditioning system uses a refrigerant to cool and dehumidify the air. Today’s vehicles have very specific climate controls that allow you to set the temperature exactly where you need it to stay comfortable. Whether you own a Toyota, Honda, Ford, or Hyundai, there are universal indicators that there is a problem with your car’s air conditioning and you will need to come in for air conditioning service.

Lauderhill A/C Auto Repair Shop
A/C Auto Repair Shop Lauderhill

Our AC System Repair Services

Our mechanics have a long list of A/C system services we offer. If you’re struggling with air conditioning that’s not running cold, don’t hesitate to reach out. We can help with:

A/C inspections
Diagnosing and repairing leaks in the A/C system
Charging the refrigerant
Installing a new compressor or condenser
Retrofit Air Conditioning Systems

Most of the time, car owners only know that they need A/C repair when the system stops blowing cold air.

Here are some signs to watch out for:

The air isn’t cooling. If your condenser is broken, there is a low level of refrigerant, or the compressor has a broken or damaged belt, your air conditioning will lose its cooling properties.

You hear strange noises when your air conditioning is on. Noise typically comes from a worn-out compressor, but some other common causes can be a cross-contaminated refrigerant or the use of the wrong lubricant.

It seems damp inside your vehicle. A common cause for moist air inside your car is usually moisture or debris trapped inside your air conditioning system.

The air from your air conditioning smells. If you haven’t used your air conditioning in a while, bacteria and fungus can settle into the system, creating a foul smell.

Something is leaking from your air conditioning. Leaking refrigerant is dangerous and this issue should be addressed as soon as possible.

For all of your AC needs, from retrofitting older vehicles to having your AC recharged for the summer, trust our team. Bring your car in today to have it serviced, and enjoy a summer with nice, cold AC.

Here are some tips to keep your car cool in the hot weather in Lauderhill without the air conditioning:

Use a sunshade or window visor.
Park in a shady area.
Purchase a solar-powered fan.
Keep windows slightly cracked.
Throw blankets over your seats.
Use a dash cover.
Cover your steering wheel with a towel.
Park in a garage when possible.

It’s imperative to get your air conditioning repaired, especially in hot Lauderhill summers. Trust our professional team at AAA QUALITY COMPLETE AUTO REPAIR, LLC to help! We have decades of combined experience and are experts, specializing in engine repair and brake service, we will do a comprehensive inspection of your car to determine if you need additional services, such as scheduled maintenance.

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