The Check Engine Light came on – so now what?

While it is normal for a car’s check engine light to come on when the engine is first started, it will usually go off after a few seconds. If the light comes on at other times, it could mean something as small as a loose gas cap or something as serious as a major engine problem. AAA QUALITY COMPLETE AUTO REPAIR, LLC in Lauderhill wants to calm your fears and help you understand the steps to take when the “Check Engine” light glows amber.

A professional inspection is all that is required

If you are unable to determine why your Check Engine Light is illuminating, we recommend that you contact one of our ASE-certified mechanics. We have the most up-to-date knowledge of the computer hardware used in new cars and trucks the right tools and experience to quickly and accurately diagnose the problem.

Free Check Engine Scan in Lauderhill

Our trained mechanics will scan your onboard computer for free. We want to save our customers as much money as we can and want to save them the frustration of not knowing what’s wrong with their vehicle. Additional fees may apply for additional Diagnostics. You can rely on AAA QUALITY COMPLETE AUTO REPAIR, LLC in Lauderhill to do their best to identify the true cause of the problem and create an effective repair plan.

We can help with Free Check Engine Scan

Once you have determined the cause of your vehicle’s check engine light using the latest diagnostic equipment, we will explain the problem in detail in an easy-to-understand manner. AAA QUALITY COMPLETE AUTO REPAIR, LLC in Lauderhill wants customers to leave the service center with a better idea of ​​how their vehicle is doing and what can be done to provide them with the best care. Good education is part of our commitment to better service.


What sets AAA QUALITY COMPLETE AUTO REPAIR, LLC in Lauderhill apart from other mechanics and auto repair shops in Lauderhill and Lauderhill is that our focus is solely on the customer and the vehicle. Our service centers are conveniently located, our technicians are up to date with the latest auto repair techniques, we offer competitive prices and we only do work that you agree to.

Whether it’s a check engine light or an odd noise or smell, AAA QUALITY COMPLETE AUTO REPAIR, LLC in Lauderhill is here to help. We make the process easy, starting with our convenient online scheduling system. Use the tool on our website to book an appointment that fits your schedule and rest easy, knowing that your vehicle will soon get the professional care it needs.

You can also call us at (954) 572-0001 to speak with one of our friendly staff members. They can help you book and answer any questions you might have. We always welcome walk-in customers! Drop-in when you are in the area and our team can handle everything your car needs all at once to save you time. Find us at 7842 NW 44th St. Lauderhill, FL 33351 next to Piper High School in Lincoln Park Plaza 44th st. and University Blvd.. We look forward to seeing you!