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Looking for a mechanic near Plantatin you can trust? We are one of the leading auto repair shop serving customers in Plantation, FL and surrounding areas. Our Plantation auto repair shop features a very experienced and ASE certified mechanic who is equipped with the tools and diagnostic equipment necessary for today’s modern vehicles.

Common Preventative Automotive Maintenance

Routine maintenance is the best way to avoid unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs.

26 Point Inspection
Fuel Injection Service
Air and Cabin Filters
Fuel System
Headlight Replacement

Brake Fluid
Coolant + Antifreeze Fluid
Hoses + Belts
Oil & Filter Change
Differential Fluid
Power Steering Fluid

Spark Plugs
Timing Belt
Transmission Fluid
Tune Up
Ventilation Cleaning
Wiper Blade Replacement

Engine Repair & Diagnostics near Plantation

Is your check engine light on? Why engine diagnostic and repair service is necessary: A check engine light might indicate anything from a loosened gasoline cap to something much more serious like a blown head gasket. Having issues checked by a certified mechanic as soon as possible may stop additional repairs of engine components.

Common Auto Repairs needed near Plantation

The mechanics at our shop are prepared for any automotive problem and can work on any car.

A/C repair Service
Electrical System Repair
Alternator Replacement
Brake Repair Services
Fuel System Cleaning
CV Drive Shafts
Gearbox Replacement
Cylinder Heads
Heater Core

Auto Diagnostics
Major Front End Repair
Diesel Engine Repair
Power Steering Repair
Rack and Pinion
Shocks and Struts
Starter Replacement
Transmission Rebuild

Transmission Repair
Transmission Replacement
Transmission Swap
Water Pump Replacement
Radiator Replacement
Engine Repair
Electrical System Service
Wheel Alignment